1. What types of identification do I need to show to register for SAVES?
  • You will need to show your I-94 (or your passport) with an asylee, a parolee, or a refugee stamp; a letter stating asylum granted; a residency card with a SAVES eligibility code; or other eligible documents. Visit the SAVES eligibility page for more eligible documents.
  1. Do I need a social security number to enroll in SAVES?
  • A social security number is not required to enroll in SAVES.
  1. What are the courses that SAVES offers?
  • SAVES offers English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Adult Basic Education (ABE), General Education Development (GED), Success Management Academy (SMA) GED in Spanish, citizenship preparation, and vocational/technical courses.
  1. How many levels of ESOL classes are offered?
  • Most adult education centers and technical colleges offer Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced ESOL classes
  1. Do I need to take a pre-test to enroll in ESOL classes?
  • You will have to take a pre-test to assess your English language skills, before enrolling in ESOL classes.
  1. Do I have to take another test to exit ESOL?
  • You will have to take a post-test after each level of ESOL, until you complete all the levels.
  1. What is the schedule for classes?
  • Schedule varies according to adult education centers and technical colleges. Check with the school nearest you or your school of interest for more information.
  1. What benefits can I get from SAVES?
  • Free block tuition, textbooks, and testing fees for ESOL, ABE, citizenship preparation, GED, SMA (GED in Spanish), and the SMA GED test. Free Tuition, textbooks, and all instructional materials and supplies for vocational/technical courses offered through Miami-Dade Public Schools, adult education centers and technical colleges.
  1. What is the GED Success Management Academy (SMA) in Spanish?
  • The GED SMA in Spanish program is created to provide the opportunity for refugee, asylee, parolee, and other eligible students between the ages of 16 and 18 years of age to obtain their high school diploma while learning the English language. The SAVES GED SMA program is offered at select high schools throughout Miami-Dade County.
  1. I have a university degree from my home country. Can SAVES pay for the translation and validation of my degree?
  • SAVES pays to translate and validate foreign university degrees and transcripts for eligible clients.
  1. I am not employed. Can SAVES help me find employment?
  • Eligible unemployed SAVES clients are referred to employment service providers.
  1. What provisions are made for students with children?
  • Childcare referrals are available if the student is eligible.
  1. I do not have transportation. What provisions are made for students in need of transportation?
  • Bus passes are offered at selected school sites for eligible clients, based on availability of funds. Clients can also be referred for bus passes to providers offering this service.
  1. How long can I receive assistance from the SAVES program?
  • Clients must be within the five-year limit period of eligibility, from their date of entry in the U.S. or their date of eligibility for the program, to receive assistance. They can take ESOL classes for an unlimited time and up to one year of vocational/technical training; however, on a one-to-one basis, authorization can be given for additional time to complete a vocational/technical training. Additional time is authorized within the five-year limit of eligibility.
  1. Are there tutoring classes available?
  • Some schools offer tutoring classes. Students can also be referred for tutoring to providers offering tutoring services.
  1. What can I do if I need to take a course that is not available at my school, or another school location is more convenient for me?
  • You can visit the SAVES website at comand find your course of interest at any adult education centers or technical colleges. Contact the school for more information about the course. If the school does not have a SAVES representative on site, contact the SAVES district office at (305) 823-5020 to tell you about the SAVES voucher program.
  1. If I have any questions, whom should I contact?
  • You can contact the SAVES office at (305) 823-5020.


                                                                                      *Services provided are available based on the availability of funds*





The SAVES program is sponsored by the Florida Department of Children and Families, Refugee Services Program, and is funded solely with grants from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Refugee Resettlement.