World Refugee Day

SAVES Table at the World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day is celebrated every year on June 20th around the world and in Miami-Dade by all Department of Children and Families (DCF) sponsored agencies. In Miami-Dade County, all DCF sponsored agencies get together to recognize the refugees, their accomplishments, and their contribution to this society. For the World Refugee Day celebration, SAVES collaborates with DCF to provide media releases, entertainment, and exhibits. DCF sponsored agencies have the opportunity to display their flyers, brochures, refugee success stories, and other marketing tools to inform the public of the services being offered to refugees in Miami-Dade County. Many people participate in this event. Some elected officials provide their support by recognizing service providers for their contribution to the event. Refugees are invited to tell their stories and/or exhibit their talents. Certificates of appreciation are given to all participants for their contribution to the event. In addition, Naturalization Oath ceremonies are often held during the month of June or during the World Refugee Day celebration.


                                                                                        Training for North Miami Adult Educational Center on July 7th, 2023


                                      Nail Technician’s graduation from Ruben Dario, Coral Park Satellite School of Mrs. Carolina Pavon’s class on 07/03/2023.




                                                                                           Meeting between CRS  and SAVES to strengthen Collaboration

World Refugee Day


Individual schools also celebrate World Refugee Day by hosting activities that include dinners with food from different countries, guest speakers, students’ recognition, and talent shows to highlight the plight, challenges, and strengths of individuals forced to abandon their countries due to their political or religious views or persecution.

World Refugee Day Proclamation | Commissioner Rebecca Sosa
World Refugee Day Naturalization Oath Ceremony



grad students grad students grad students



SAVES Student Halloween Celebration


Student Orientation

SAVES schools provide student orientation to explain the program and its benefits, including tuition, books, and supplies. Other important issues also discussed during the orientation are the registration process, the testing process, attendance requirement to continue to receive benefits from the program, levels of ESOL and ABE, vocational/technical courses, citizenship classes, etc. Orientation sessions are conducted through PowerPoint presentations and/or handouts. Students have an opportunity to ask questions regarding the program and its benefits. SAVES District representatives are often invited.



Graduations are held at the end of each trimester for high school, GED, and vocational students. Schools showcase their students who complete their programs successfully with caps and gowns. Guest speakers are invited to tell their stories and also to encourage graduates to continue their journey. Students bring their relatives and friends to the graduation ceremonies. To find more about school graduations, please contact your school (s) of interest.