Organizational Framework


The vision of the SAVES program is to guarantee all eligible clients a solid foundation of skills and knowledge to facilitate their resettlement into life in the United States


The SAVES mission is to facilitate the transition of participating students into the South Florida community and to support eligible adult immigrants in their efforts to integrate into life in the United States by providing academic skills, technical training, and quality services in a safe, nurturing environment.

Core Values

The values of the SAVES program are:

  1. Everyone can learn and successfully resettle in the United States.
  2. A safe learning environment is paramount.
  3. Customers are the priority.
  4. Uphold high standards of professionalism.


The goals of the SAVES program are to provide eligible refugee and asylee adults living in Miami-Dade County, Florida, instruction appropriate to the clients’ needs to further their education in:

I.    English Language Training
II.   Adult Basic Education
III.  Post-Secondary Adult Vocational/Technical instruction

SAVES Organization Frameworks