Benefits for SAVES Eligible Students

  1. The English Language Instruction program (ELI) through Miami-Dade County Public Schools: a six-level program that teaches students how to listen, read, speak and write in English. SAVES will cover the cost of all the books and dictionaries necessary for the eligible student (approximately $400).
  2. All unemployed SAVES students will be referred to a Refugee Training Employment Program Service Provider. These agencies help students find employment.
  3. SAVES will cover the cost of block tuition ($30.00 or $120.00) for English, Citizenship, Adult Basic Education, and General Education preparatory classes.
  4. SAVES will pay for up to one year/three trimesters, including books and supplies, of any of the over 80 vocational programs offered through Miami-Dade County Public Schools (approximately $4400).
  5. Monthly bus passes are provided to SAVES students who meet the qualifying criteria at most SAVES school sites. Each bus pass is $100 (approximately $1000 per year).
  6. Child care is available for parents who request the service while they are enrolled in classes.
  7. SAVES will pay for the translation/validation of the University degree of students who meet the qualifying criteria.
  8. SAVES is offered at 16 different school sites throughout Miami-Dade County. Classes are offered in the morning, afternoon, evening, and on weekends.